Identifying opportunities and developing business cases to make sustainability a source of on-going value

When it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility, we believe the normal rules of business apply. That is, to be successful, organizations must embed sustainable principles in the core of their strategy, operations and culture. We work with private and public-sector organizations to do just that, identifying opportunities and developing robust business cases to make sustainability a source of ongoing and increasing value.

We help organizations make critical decisions related to sustainability strategy, the environmental and social impact of operations, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability-related growth and cost opportunities. We work to ensure that sustainability efforts are anchored in business fundamentals and demonstrate a clear return on investment—and that those efforts are then firmly embedded within our clients’ strategy and operations. Our teams specialize in a few key areas:

Sustainability strategy: We help companies factor the full range of social, environmental and economic issues into strategy development and execution. An effective sustainability strategy focuses on a few areas that are integral to the company’s core business strategy and are where the company can have material positive impact.

Sustainable operations: We work to optimize the use of natural resources with an emphasis on supply chain efficiency initiatives and circular economics, and supply security and resilience through socially and environmentally responsible practices. Our teams help address specific challenges facing organizations in resource-intensive industries. Our inclusive markets work with clients and helps them harness the production and consumption potential of individuals in developing markets across the globe.

Sustainability in investing: We help investors of all types, including private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, investment funds and family offices, pursue a range of options that account for environmental, social and governance criteria.

Change management and organization in sustainability: Only 2% of companies succeed in achieving their sustainability goals. We work on operating models and governance, impact metrics and incentives, and creating leadership alignment, support and a strong case for change to help companies identify their barriers to change and deliver breakthrough results in sustainability.

We bring data-driven analysis, practical insights and proven methodologies to each of our engagements, along with deep expertise in sustainability issues in industries ranging from Consumer Products, Retail, Industrial Goods & Services, Mining, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceuticals.

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