Our Portfolio

  • Education

At XGR Foundation, we believe that optimal education is important for us to achieve the sustainable development goals, therefore we aim to provide expertise, networks, mobilize human and financial resources to improve the standard of education of children and adolescents in both formal and non-formal educational systems.


  • Environmental Sanitation

XGR Foundation is dedicated to changing the harmful habits that affect the way we make, dispose of and think about waste by raising awareness on environmental issues, igniting behaviour change among communities, to reuse waste in innovative ways, to create high quality and useful products. We also aim to connect poor and vulnerable communities to waste management resources and expertise.  We also seek to help vulnerable communities deal with the negative impacts associated with the poor management of solid wastes.


  • Health and nutrition

XGR Foundation works to improve the health and nutrition of mothers, newborn babies and children, with special attention to poor and vulnerable communities. We aim to do this through documenting innovations and results, delivering technical assistance, and mobilizing stakeholders to improve health and nutrition through innovative and sustainable interventions across the country.

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