Learn how to add the dimension of Risk Management to your Balanced Scorecard

About the Course

Since the wake of the credit crunch 2008/09, and the on-going difficulties within the world economy, shareholders, boards and regulators are now demanding that organizations and their executive teams develop greater understanding and insight into the organizational risk-taking. In this course, participants will learn the Risk-based Performance Management methodology that builds upon and integrates the Balanced Scorecard, COSO and ISO31000 framework. This provides a proven approach to managing and monitoring strategic objectives, their risk appetite and risk exposure.


1. Learn how to set your risk appetite
2. Gain detailed knowledge of enterprise and operational risk management
3. Learn how to develop an actual strategy and risk frame work
4. Develop an initial strategy
5. Experience hands-on learning. You will walk out with the first version of a risk framework for your organization

This is a 3 day course for which, during its duration, you will learn to combine a risk management system with a balanced scorecard framework


Introduction to risk based performance management
Discipline 1 - Strategy Management
Discipline 2 - Performance Management


Discipline 2 - Performance Management(Continued)
Discipline 3 - Risk Management
Discipline 4 - Aligning Risk - Taking to strategy


Discipline 5 - Governance
Discipline 6 - Communications
Discipline 7 - Culture
Implementation Planning and Considerations

This course is offered in-house.

Duration- 3Days
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