Retail and Consumer

The retail and consumer network strategy is complex as online sales is becoming popular. With the economic downturn, consumers are expecting more value and better service for the same or cheaper price, while retailers have to learn to adjust to people’s buying habits. There is growing consolidation in the industry as top managements are under constant pressure to improve the returns on invested capital but the success rates for M & As are not very high.

What we can do

• Develop Strategy – With our modern techniques and processes, we can help retailers analyze and design the best appropriate retail structure. Improved concepts and layouts can grow revenue, freshen the brand and allow more cost-effective, targeted expansion.
• Pricing & Campaigns - We help with campaign decisions that convey a greater level of perceived value which of course happens after a proper pricing and revenue assurance model has been set up.
• Merchant Management – This is aimed at improving vendor negotiations, looking beyond domestic sourcing opportunities, therefore helping retailers reduce indirect expenses by consolidating their supply base.
• Know-how - We help maximize return on IT investment as well as develop a high-performing IT infrastructure. We identify Point of Sales systems, merchandising systems, CRM systems, loyalty programmers and back office applications.
• Progress Strategies - We draw out progress strategies devised to help clients gain market share which enables them explore new channels and categories.
• Retailing & Classification Management – With our economic analysis and deep knowledge about the retail sector, we help clients create more compelling processes for variety and category management.


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